Zankar is a unique feature of our Institution. It means “Bhitti Patra”, in Marathi & wallpaper in English. This feature is practiced in our College from 1982. In this, student-centric activity, students are informed through notices to contribute to literary aspects like poems, short stories, any collection of quotes & ideas (original & self written). At the same time, talented students can contribute paintings, drawings, line drawings, charcoal drawings etc.

After the collection, these are all arranged on the walls and eminent writers, poets, artists are invited for inauguration. Then, they address the students in the function hall for their progress in respective talents.

The objectives are :

  1. To provide platform for creativity among the students.
  2. To encourage the budding writers, poets & artists.

Outcome :

Due to this unique feature, many of our students gained confidence and are employed in local newspapers like Tarun Bharat, Sakaal, Pudari etc. This employment is annual affair.